Century Analytics is a comprehensive data analytics solution that consolidates complex business data from disparate sources into effectively summarized reports and dashboards. Absolute transparency and precise data analysis results in smart, data-driven business decisions and enhanced company-wide efficiency.

Company-wide improvements with Century Analytics on your side

Effectively prioritized daily workload leads to productivity and business efficiency boost across all the departments

Improved individual efficiency keeps employee retention and job satisfaction high and enables multiple result-based career opportunities

Reduced issue resolution time enables focusing on the bigger picture while pushing the project forward

Easily manageable upcoming tasks provide IT departments and Project Teams with the ultimate tool for task tracking and deadline planning

Customer escalations management functionality enables quick response and resolution of customer issues which leads to high customer satisfaction and loyalty rates

Why Century Analytics?

Century Analytics is a next generation reporting platform that enables company-wide visibility and reporting. Intuitive interface and configurable functionality provide precise data gathering, sharing, and analyzing. Smart settings and reporting drive precise KPIs enabling informed business decisions.

Let us help you achieve your goals:

  • Value-driven analytics across the enterprise that influences business decisions
  • Unified structure of all company goals, strategies, and metrics
  • Built-in intelligence that drives actions and notifications based on customer lifecycle management
  • Fully integrated reporting platform designed for turnkey reporting scenarios and absolute company-wide visibility
  • Modular and holistic analytics and reporting framework. Industry and system independent
  • Rich and enlightened step-by-step data visualization capability for step-by-step reporting, data gathering, and analysis
  • Data governance and regulatory compliance with data security and privacy protection rules that cover most security and cyber-security-related client concerns

Benefits of Century Analytics Solution Portfolio

Intelligent Platform

Provides value-driven analytics for strategic and tactical decision making

Interactive Dashboards

Provides actionable insights with detailed tracking for an overall improvement of operational efficiencies

Dynamic and Comprehensive Data Model

Supports technology agnostic reporting and consolidates relevant qualified information from disparate sources into a single data repository

Analytics Tools

Flexible access to actionable and quick insights with data visualization tools

Century Analytics tool integrates with your current business process frameworks and back-end systems, providing comprehensive reports and dashboards, to deliver data-driven results to clients.

Meeting expectations of Most Demanding Customers

Robust Platform

Provides complete digital reporting and analytics platform; supports multiple platforms, data sources, and forms

Agnostic Reporting

Integrated support for Century generated data and various leading telecom vendors

Comprehensive Data Model

Network, BSS and OSS data that provides insights into issues to ensure proactive reporting solutions

Dashboards and Reports

User-friendly interface with interactive tools and entirely individualized reports and analytics workflows

Benefits of using Century Analytics

Increase Productivity

Predictive and Adaptive Analytics based on KPIs assist businesses with efficiently measuring and effectively driving improvements in productivity

Improve Customer Experience

Valuable and detailed data insights allow proactive monitoring and detection of improvement opportunities which drive actions that directly improve overall customer experience

Integrate Data Management

Consolidation of data from disparate systems eliminates the guesswork in business decision making and provides accurate, prompt and real-time data

Eliminate Areas of Failure

Summarized metrics provide details related to process non-compliance and enable identification and mitigation of failures in a timely manner

Create Data Visibility

Rich Data Visualization, tailored dashboards, and scheduled notification alerts provide executives with access to real-time data at their fingertips without dependence on IT

Create Accountability

Visualization of work progress also allows for increased employee satisfaction and transparency across all processes

Century Analytics is a comprehensive data analytics solution that consolidates complex business data from disparate sources into effectively summarized reports. Absolute transparency and precise data analysis results in smart data-driven decisions and enhanced company-wide efficiency. Century enables you to use analytics from multiple cases, including:


  • Network capacity
  • Network optimization
  • Network protection fault detection


  • Improve customer experience
  • Billing and Revenue assurance
  • Fraud management
  • SLA management


  • Churn protection and management
  • Personalized services
  • Customer profiling
  • Plan optimization
  • Social analysis


  • Upsell and cross-sell
  • Campaign management
  • Next-best offer
  • Targeted content

Digital services

  • Selling customer data to third parties
  • IoT managed services
  • Partner performance management